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The list of sites below have some that do play Diplomacy & others that don't but do play other interesting games.

Diplomacy 2000, better known as Dip2000, is a Web Site & plays Diplomacy together with Gunboat & Chaos Diplomacy. I've played Chaos, which gives one player one unit & needless to say, there are a lot more than seven players, 34 in fact! Chaos doesn't get played regularly. The other game they play, which isn't Diplomacy, is Sopwith. I haven't read the rules but I gather is it similar to the nature of Diplomacy but you fly. One think to remember is that this site is dedicated to the memory of Tom Tweedy, 1948-2008, who started the site in 1999. He was a wonderful bloke & even though we've written, via e-mails, to each other I wish I had met him.

Diplomacy Club of Canberra, abbreviated to DCOC, is as name says based in Australia. They play F-F games usually the first Friday of each month but will soon play via the site. Itís a non-profit club & only charges $2 per game night but first timers arenít charged.

Fiendish Board Games has a wide range of board games. The one aspect that should interest Diplomacy players is them doing the Zine Poll & Web Site Poll. Details of that can be found in their site.

Known as, the site is in French & sadly I can't read a word but I've been invloved with a few players, GMs & the Webmaster & their great guys. With regard to Admiral - Gunboat Competition there are discussions taking place as they, as a site, wish to be involved.

Casus Foederis is an Italian site based on Diplomacy. Together with it being in Italian, there are links to a variety of other languages.

Academy of Creative Destruction only accepts members if voted by other players. The aim is to stop NMRs & Anarchies.

Stabbeurfou Diplomatie Diplomacy Stabbeurfou is the host site to 'Diplomacy National World Cup'. It's a French site but does have the pages translated to English.

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