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Below are other things that I'm involved with some taking a wee bit of effort, only when not injured!

I've decided to put this link here even though the postcards page isn't a link to another site. Linking it here saved me time as elsewhere might have caused a few changes. As for postcards, I've collected them for about 25 years but the number isn't yet thousands. Portmeirion, Wales

Marathon running Due to a variety of reasons, one being that I gave up smoking on the 8th March 2006 however did put on weight, I decided to run long distances races with half-marathons & marathons being the main aim. On 30th October 2006 I ran in the Dublin Marathon & used that event to raise money for Moulsham Grange Children Centre, which is in Chelmsford, Essex. By clicking on marathon youíll see how my training is doing together with other aspects of it.

Modern Jive was designed just over twenty years ago. Even though it's not the same style as Jive most people call it that as it's easier to say it. The difference between Modern Jive & Jive is mainly the legs. When you learn Modern Jive all you tend to deal with is from hip & upwards whereas is Jive, it's the entire body. In case you're wondering, no you don't stand still & your upper-level to wobble. Modern Jive

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