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Below are links to things that, to me, are worth a look!

I've decided to put this link here even though the postcards page isn't a link to another site. Linking it here saved me time as elsewhere might have caused a few changes. As for postcards, I've collected them for about 25 years but the number isn't yet thousands.

Deaf_Eye_Ant's Web site hasnít got a logo but is worth seeing, which includes pictorial jokes & also pictures of Canberra.

Dog's Lost When driving & listening to BBC2 radio programme I heard of I like dogs & hearing of a lady explaining the threats of dogs being stolen, it annoyed me. The lady & her husband created this site which is aimed & helping people who have had to face the case. If you have a dog, please see this site.

Again listening to Radio 2, I heard of Beckonscot Model Village being established in 1939 & was then the first model village in the world. It was enjoyable going to the village.

Becky Falls, Dartmoor Sally, Graeme & I were on holiday from 1st - 8th July 2006 & we went to a good number of places to go to with one being Becky Falls. It's a woodland park in Dartmoor, Devon. You walk beside (& sometimes in) a brook which have waterfalls. You do need good footware!

Birdland - Park & Gardens, Bourton-on-the-Water For our honeymoon Sally & I went to the Cotsworlds & had a lovely time. We stayed in a hotel at Bourton-on-the-Water & as that is an attactive village, there are plently of things to do with one being the Birdland - Park & Gardens. I went to Birdland when I would have been 7 years old & due to its popularity, it moved to another location in the village, which does allow it to increase in size.

Eden Camp, North Yorkshire In May 2008, Sally & I went to North Yorkshire & amongst other enjoyable places we were able to visit, this is was good. It's based on WWII & dureing that time, the site was a PoW camp for mainly Italian prisoners. I'm 100% sure that all reading this agree that we never want this type of event happening & in my opinion Eden Camp reminds us of the stupidity that greed creates & that we must not go down these lines again. BTW my parents were in the RAF in WWII.

Warwick Castle Graeme, my son, had his 18th Birthday on the 29th June 2008 & I wanted to take him to take him to such a place that he'll remember that for the rest of his life. It was decided that we took him to Warwick Castle & that not only that Sally & I was there but his Grandparents, from my side of the family. Warwick Castle was specatacular & Graeme has agreed that he enjoyed being there.

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